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Have you been cleansed?


By choosing Georgia Colon Therapeutic Center, you have the comfort of knowing that our well-trained staff will be available to coach you through the colonic procedure.


We are here to answer any questions and will help to make your experience with colonics comfortable. We offer information on colonics, nutrition, proper food combinations and supplements.


It is out goal to educate you so that you may strive to obtain your health goals.

We get our teeth cleaned twice a year. We bathe our body everyday. We get our oil changed in our vehicle every 3,000 miles as recommended. We wash our car when it's dirty.


The least we could do is clean our colon after years of damage by chemicals and toxins.

dirty-colon clean-colon

Dirty Colon

Clean Colon


Colonic Bed. "Open System" Private Do-It-Yourself Cleansing.

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